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Malcolm D. Burton

Malcolm D. Burton is the Founder of My Brother / My Sister Global. As a child born in the 1990s, growing up with what would later be coined; "Community, Love & Culture" inside his household became the defense to the harsh realities outside. Born to an African American father and Puerto Rican mother in California, he spent early childhood later in Newark, New Jersey then as a young adult in Cleveland, Ohio. Being a child of a military blended family, moving around a-lot, also inspired the foundation that would later be MBMS. As a high school junior, at 16, Burton founded My Brother/My Sister (MBMS) during Black History Month in 2008. Over the years, Malcolm has been invited to present MBMS & the value system of CLC (Community, Love & Culture) at multiple Collegiate Conferences and Youth Leadership Trainings. This includes Texas State University, The University of Hawaii, Case Western Reserve’s Social Work Conference , & MAO farms/Seariders Productions Youth Summit In Waianae, Hawaii. He’s an Ashby Award recipient (2014) & Anisfield Wolf Organization Award recipient (2019).  After high school, Malcolm spent 5 years in Baltimore, Maryland. After becoming a BSW HBCU graduate of Morgan State University in 2014, Malcolm moved back to his hometown of Cleveland to solidify MBMS Northeast, Ohio and during that time he also achieved a Masters of Science in Social Administration (MSSA) from Case Western Reserve University in 2017.

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