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Committed to Providing CLC (Community, Love & Culture)

Founded in 2008

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My Brother My sister is a national mentor leadership organization founded in 2008. The mission of My Brother My Sister (MBMS) is to promote unity, self-determination, increase high school graduation, college admission and retention of young men and women of color, in order to provide a sense of responsibility and servant leadership dedicated to solving local, national and global issues. By using CLC (Community, Love & Culture) as a value system and using Hip Hop, Art, Multimedia & Technology to inspire positive youth engagement/voice, MBMS provides a safe space and support system for youth of today. Access to Peer mentor leadership in the form of college mentors/guides also allows youth in MBMS to have a direct connection with local change agents/creatives who genuinely care for the better-meant of the youth's development.  Key outcomes are high school graduation and college matriculation as well as servant leadership. Program effectiveness of the students involved in the program showcases 100% graduation rate and 96% college matriculation.

Home: About

Impacting the Lives of Youth Since 2008



Building a Better Future

MY BROTHER MY SISTER GLOBAL INC. empowers youth in Northeast Ohio (Cleveland/Akron) area to reach their fullest potential through a wide range of services. MBMS focuses on facilitating college access and retention through leadership development and peer mentoring. My Brother My Sister responds to the first apparent need of the target population by creating a space that is in a safe place, usually familiar with the population (schools/community centers).  Music/Multimedia is one of the main resources utilized within MBMS’s assessment tool when working with the youth. The program utilizes Hip Hop music as an engagement tool for cognitive behavioral therapy. By also using a peer mentor-leadership component MBMS’s program design also offers the youth the ability and encouragement to support one another in matters of great concern and within times of accomplishments!



Providing Access to a Different World

Another element that MBMS provides is our travel/exploration component. This enables youth to leave their local area and get familiar with outside opportunities while adding on a support system with the exposure to college mentors. By students leaving their local area, they are able to gain access to possibilities outside of their neighborhood. Each trip is related to CLC (Community, Love & Culture) and accompanied by peer mentors/guides who are in the form of college students, graduates/and or graduate students. This college exploration connection along side cultural/educational activities in a group setting inspire leadership and exposure while providing college access.



Shaping the Leaders of Tomorrow

My Brother My Sister (MBMS) recognizes the ongoing challenges affecting positive teen leadership development and academic achievement, amongst youth of color. My Brother My Sister provides an intervention model involving Community Love and Culture in a Hip Hop Art Therapy Practice group setting. Hip Hop Art Therapy in part involves the analysis and creation of audio/visual digital stories; incorporating photography, art, graffiti, videography, and music. Participants are guided to express thoughts, fears, and challenges they face day to day as young people. MBMS then highlights the stories of the youth of this neighborhood in a multi-media approach that allows free expression and positive youth development.

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A disproportionate number of students of color facing school suspensions, dealing with depression, anxiety & trauma, have a higher risk of not becoming high school graduates. 

My Brother My Sister has proven results with youth facing these challenges by guiding and encouraging artistic expression with Hip Hop Art Therapy

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